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the story

where passion ignites

Salvaged wood has long been Brandon's passion. He salvages fallen logs throughout the Puget Sound region and mills custom cuts for a variety of projects. In addition to many environmental benefits, this small scale salvage offers opportunities for wood unavailable in most stores - base cuts, distinctive grain patterns, spalting, and unusual species, to name a few. His collection includes hundreds of logs, from NW staples like Fir, Alder, and Cedar, to less common woods like Madrona and Pacific Dogwood. From this collection, he mills lumber for his custom frames and selects distinctive logs to cross cut rounds for the centerpieces of his artwork. Then, he sets these crosscuts in hand made frames and surrounds them with colorful pigments in epoxy resin. Every Crosscut Wood/Resin™ piece he produces is a one-of-a-kind signed work.

the process

artistry in action

the crosscut

where inspiration begins

Crosscuts are the least common cut of wood. You won't find them at a big box store. The wood in a crosscut is difficult to work, unstable, unpredictable, and generally unruly. They crack, warp, tear out, and give tools fits. But they're also the perfect window into a tree's life. Any log may hold mysteries and surprises waiting to be discovered and the crosscut is the guide. Brandon sees these surprises as moments in time. Each is both a picture of the exact moment when the tree was alive, and a picture of its entire life. The cross cut reveals so much in its color, shape, and rings. How to best capture such a moment and freeze it? He loves the challenge of how to feature the moment, frame it, and surround it with color.



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